Pom Pom Marble Earrings: Large Jungle Boogie

Pom Pom Marble Earrings: Large Jungle Boogie

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Poms everyday! I love these earrings. They're a fun addition to any outfit everyday, all the time.

Each pom pom is handmade which means each one is completely unique and no two are alike. The rainbow features two pom poms that are carefully crafted from various shades of yarn.

Chain length measures 1 inch
Pom measures roughly 2.5 inches in diameter (they big y'all)
Gold plated earring wires
Handmade in New Orleans

POM CARE: due to the handmade nature of each Pom there is a potential for fly away pieces of yarn. It’s easy to miss one of these during the trimming process - simply snip it with a sharp pair of scissors and NEVER pull on stray pieces of yarn. The Pom is tightly packed and removing pieces of the yarn could disrupt the shape. Pom poms are delicate and should be stored with care.